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Mr. Budi Rianto Halim – YB0HD, Head of ORARI Daerah DKI Jakarta (ODJ)

On Behalf of Jakarta DX Contest Committee 2017, i am gladly welcoming you to our nice simply website of Jakarta DX Contest with our slogan Challenging You To The World.

It is our first DX Contest held by ORARI Daerah DKI Jakarta or shortly popular as called as ODJ. Our DX Contest Station, YE0X always joined many DX Contest since decade ago, otherwise our operators had been successfully be trusted to help and assist another DX Contest Station in several areas. It is a primary DX Contest in our High Frequency on 40 Meters Band SSB only, which were so many local amateur radio especially Novice/Beginner level (YD/YG) allowed to working DX Stations.

On 13th May 2017, please put mark on your DX Contest Calendar for Jakarta DX Contest 2017. Our slogan, Challenging You To The World meaning so deeply for your enthusiasm and effort to fight the Band Propagation along this year. Therefore, you will be challenged more during this contest, seeking after YB stations whom are joining contest to get multiplier points. After all, it is not just only an ordinary DX Contest but it is our privilege to working and logged DX Stations, and our YD/YG operators will be challenging more how to handle the pile-ups nor your call !

This website contents various information related with Jakarta DX Contest 2017 and it is been seriously created by our partner from YB Land DX Club (YBDXC), a local DX community which are very well-known globally and always supporting our DX events as well as Contests. After short contacts been made then a small team is established and led by Karsono Suyanto – YB0NDT, they are agreed to organize Jakarta DX Contest overall this year.

Jakarta DX Contest is such a gentleman agreement between us, and kindly a mutual benefit relationship between ODJ and YBDXC for making some DX event programs, including trainings and workshop as well. Eventually it is our contribution to raising more YB Land DX Contesters in the future with a proper and better knowledge about DX Contesting, Band Plan Allocation, DX Operating procedures even N1MM Contest Logging and electronically QSL system. Our simply hope to attract more new Rookie DX Contesters in on the progress.

Your participation for Jakarta DX Contest 2017 will be highly appreciate and it is our great opportunity to Challenge You To The World !

73 de YB0HD – Budi Rianto Halim

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